The Arts Society Church Trails are researched by society members  to provide a  step by step  question sheet to guide children  aged 8-12  round the church and encourage them to look at  the architecture, history and furnishings. Corresponding answer sheets are provided for accompanying adults, often teachers from local schools. 


Re: current projects from Runnymede 

There are currently 2 childrens trail projects underway by members of The Arts Society Runnymede,   The Holy Trinity Garrison Church, Windsor, and St Marys Church, Thorpe



The St Lawrence, Chobham  trail is now complete and was launched on September 20. The launch set off with teams of six pupils from year 3 at St Lawrence Primary School who successfully completed their questionnaires;  the answers and interesting details were further explained by the teachers. The excited schoolchildren were rewarded with refreshments to round off their very enjoyable afternoon.  Click Here to see the trail itself..

An invitation to other local schools will follow and the question sheets will be available in the church for all young visitors in the future. 


Pic right - the children at the first childrens trail compiled by The Runnymede Arts Society.

Photo by kind permission of St Lawrence Primary School and St Lawrence Church Chobham


This launch made the lead story in the local Chobham News and Mail. See here