What Is Church Recording?
NADFAS volunteers from our Society are making record of the contents and interior features of churches to help preserve the rich artistic heritage to be found in many places of worship of all religions.  To date over 1,500 churches have been recorded in the UK in the 25 years since church recording began. Recorders have uncovered hidden treasures, identified the artists and craftsmen and produced valuable information for the churches and researchers.  

What Do Recorders Do?
Recorders join the team and work in pairs on different aspects of the church: stained glass, stonework, library, metal work, textiles, woodwork memorials, paintings and miscellaneous. The items are described in detail and their history is researched. There is a wealth of information available, including books and NADFAS experts, to support the team.  One of each pair writes up each item and the record is sent to the team complier by email.  It is essential to be able to use a computer. The work is organised and co-ordinated by the team leader.

 What Happens to The Record?
All the material is compiled into a book which is carefully checked and then copies or CDs are sent to a variety of places e.g. the Church itself, NADFAS House, V & A Art Library, Church Authority and the County Record Office.
When Do We Meet?
We met twice monthly for 2 hours, preceded by coffee and tea.  We choose a day of the week which suits the church and the team members but a lot of work is done outside the meetings as well. 

Which Church?
Currently we are working on a Victorian Chapel in Windsor. This will be to completed in 2016 and we are hoping to start another project in 2017.

If you are interested in joining us for our next project, please contact our Church Recording Group Leader, Gill Whitney via this website.