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19 February 2020MODIGLIANI Passion ,Paris and painting
18 March 2020RUNNYMEDE'S GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY LECTURE Wonderful world of Gemstones

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Passion ,Paris and painting
Liz Strang Wednesday 19 February 2020

When Modigliani arrived in Paris in 1906 at the age of 20, he was ready for life in Europe’s most exciting city. Not only did he meet the leading artists of the day including Picasso and Diego Rivera and the sculptor Brancusi, but also the writers, philosophers and leaders of avant-garde society, Max Jacob, Jean Cocteau. He was known as the last Bohemian, a gentlemen, a true aristocrat. Plagued by illness and the inevitability of an early death, he did everything in excess, from his treatment of women to his drinking and drug habits. Despite that, he left a legacy of original portraits, graceful nudes and sculptures of haunting beauty which speak to us movingly of the passion and energy of his short eventful life.

Liz attained a humanities degree through the Open University, with art as a main subject, specifically modern art. Recruited as a Guide when Tate Modern opened in 2000 and has since worked at both Tate Modern and Tate Britain, covering all aspects of art. Lectured on cruises for 3 years, with P&O and Swan Hellenic, specialising in 20th century art, and now lectures widely on the subject.