We are pleased to welcome new members to our Society, at any time of the year. Just turn up (click here to find 'where we meet')  and look for our 'Welcome Desk'.

We currently have a membership of 179 and, due to the capacity of the Hall, we do not need to operate a waiting list at the moment.

The lecture year begins in April, with 11 lectures over the year  (in August we are on holiday) and the current annual subscription works out at less than £5 per lecture - plus all the other events at special rates. Currently the sub. is £48.00, with a reduction to £29 during the latter half of the year (from October). First of all, we suggest you come and see us as a guest with one of our existing members OR as a visitor.  Visitors are welcome to attend lectures, initially free of charge. Just turn up - if possible with one of our leaflets - and make yourself known at the WELCOME DESK.  If not, we will give you a leaflet at the desk! 



When you need further details contact our Membership Secretary, Elaine Pollington, by clicking on the 'Contact us' box on the left OR alternatively you can just turn up at one of our monthly meetings and fill in a joining form (together either with an appropriate cheque made out to TASR  -- these letters are enough OR -preferably, by direct bank transfer -- enter our bank details at your bank). 

If you pay Income Tax and would like the Society to benefit from the tax paid on your subscription, please also complete the Gift Aid Declaration to allow the Society to retrieve your tax paid.   

There is an annual informal get together for new members, offering a chance to get to know both each other and the committee.